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Garage Storage manufactured in the Seattle area. Since Garage Logix cupboards are manufactured within the Seattle area, you can easliy get rid of the “middle man” that most various other franchises need to go through, so we can offer a much superior cabinet in read more

Overhead Garage Storage Tips

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Publisher: Terry Coal One of the most infamously unorganized areas of the house is undoubtedly the specific dreaded Legally garage. Here really are a few tips for read more

The best way to Convert A Garage Into A Space

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If you’re looking for a way to enlarge your house without shelling out to get a full-scale inclusion, converting your garage area into living area typically provides about 600 sq . feet (assuming it’s a two-car garage). The good news is that you’ll invest lower read more

Alex & Sarah’s Traveler’s Home

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Garage Storage Ideas for Small Garage - If you have a forced-air program, the easiest (read: most cost-effective) way of cooling and heating your garage area conversion is to expand the ductwork from the main element of your house. Alternatively, look into radiant flooring heating, which usually operates read more